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Ladies and Gentlemen


Warm Regards,
Mr Taufiq Sherwani
Vice Chairman – PAAPAM

The automobile industry has always been considered as the backbone of the economy and that is why it is often called the mother of all industries. An automobile is an integrated product created through the hard work of a multitude of auto part manufacturers.

Glass working, machining, molding, stamping, casting, forging, textile, plastics and many other technologies are used to produce a finished automobile, using all sorts of materials, from metals to rubbers, and from fibres to plastics. Varied materials are worked on using multiple technologies to create a synergistic whole.

Similarly for this forum called Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) which was formed to represent the auto part manufacturers and to provide technical & management support to its members, it is imperative that we have a united front and assist each other to meet our organisational goals - this in turn will make the industry flourish.

We would like to ensure that the auto industry thrives in Pakistan and to whatever extent possible all manufacturing is local. This can be achieved by forming stronger links between the OEM’s, policy-making echelons in the government and the auto part manufacturing industry. Together we can be strong enough to be self sufficient as an industry.

I would like to thank everyone for your faith in us as a team. We will strive to be facilitators and we hope you will support us in our roles. We will attempt to fulfill them with honesty and integrity Inshallah.