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Annexure 03    RFP of EMC :

Pakistan Association of
Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers

Request for Proposal (RFP) for
Event Management of Pakistan Auto Show [2023]

1.         Introduction of PAAPAM

Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) represents large-, medium- & small-scale auto parts manufacturing industries all over Pakistan. The Association achieved recognition from the Government of Pakistan in 1999 and today it is represented on many government bodies, organizations, NGOs and committees as well as private institutions through its members. PAAPAM is also a member of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

The Pakistan Auto Show is an initiative of PAAPAM which is held annually in Lahore and Karachi in alternate years. Pakistan Auto Show aims to provide the Pakistani automotive industry a platform to showcase its capability and potential to the world. It is a three-day event with the entire auto engineering sector assembled under one roof. Government high officials, local and international buyers and manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, raw material providers, service providers, and many more representatives of related industries participate in this event. Historical trends show an average of 100,000 crowd participation in this event every year.

PAAPAM is planning to hold its annual show on [27-28-29 October, 2023] at  Karachi Expo Center. Therefore, PAAPAM intends to acquire the services of a professional Event/Expo Management Company (EMC) for organizing and managing Pakistan Auto Show [2023].

2.         Eligibility of applying for the EMC of Pakistan Auto Show [2023]

The company which seeks to apply for the EMC of Pakistan Auto Show [2023] (also referred to as “Event” in this document), should be meeting or exceeding the following criteria:

  • Should have an experience of holding at least 3 Large Expo Events.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of organizing, managing and marketing of Industrial shows.
  • Should have the relevant management and infrastructure to organize the Event.

3.         Functions of the EMC for Pakistan Auto Show [2023]:

The EMC shall be responsible for managing the overall event of Pakistan Auto Show [2023]. The key functions to be performed in this regard are stated below:

3.1.    Marketing Pitch & Dedicated Resources

  • The EMC will work closely with the Pakistan Auto Show Organizing Committee (PASOC) to market the stalls for the exhibition to prospective clients. 
  • The EMC will design the brochures, point of sale document, registration form and halls’ layouts for the Event as directed by the PASOC.
  • In this regard, the CEO of the EMC will accompany PAAPAM’s team for meeting with different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) regarding the marketing of the Pakistan Auto Show [2023].
  • The EMC will provide resources for the Event as described below:

o   2 dedicated resources (a Designer & Marketeer) will be attached with PAAPAM Team upon award of the contract.

o   3 additional resources (For Exhibitor Management) from the EMC will be attached with PAAPAM staff upon award of the contract.

o   8 additional resources will be attached with PAAPAM’s staff once the marketing collateral is finalized.

3.2.    Sponsorship of Closing Ceremony / Gala-Nite

Getting sponsorship for the Closing Ceremony / Gala-Nite of Pakistan Auto Show [2023] will be the responsibility of EMC.


3.3.    Management of Inaugural Ceremony

  • Formation of Help Desks & Troubleshooting Mechanism

o   Separate help desks in front of each hall will be established. Following people will be a part of each help desk:

Ø  Electrician, Carpet Manager, Housekeeper, POS expert

Ø  Exhibitor Services will be given on every exhibitor stall

  • Specialized Team for International Exhibitors & Visitors

o   One specialized team comprising 4-5 persons from the EMC for the facilitation of International Exhibitors, including traveling, accommodation, food, security protocols and to ensure their arrival at the Event venue.

  • Registration Desk

o   Exhibitors, visitors & buyer cards printing and allotment.

o   Hourly update on footfall to PASOC.

3.4.    Entire Management of Seminars & Conferences at the Event

  • Call for Papers
  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Follow up
  • Execution

3.5.    Media & Press Handling

  • Management of Kits

o   Different kits will be prepared and allotted by the EMC for exhibitors, PAAPAM Managing Committee members, sponsors, press & seminar participants subject to sample approved by PASOC.

  • Awards Distribution

o   The designing, sampling and distribution of shields and awards will be done by the EMC.

  • Logistic arrangements
  • Complaint Desk set-up and management
  • Any other activity related to the Event will be communicated by PASOC to the EMC.

4.         Roles & Responsibilities of EMC

4.1.    Management Control

  • The EMC shall continue to submit weekly reports to PASOC clearly mentioning the undertaken tasks and duties, until the execution of the Event.
  • Organize monthly review meetings for any request for approval of any activity related to the Event.
  • From July 2023, weekly management review meetings will be organized to update on all activities.
  • The EMC will act upon any pending items as highlighted in the meetings.
  • The EMC will attend regular meetings as required and actively participate in the Event activities representing the interests of organizers, as appropriate.
  • The meetings will be chaired by the Chief Organizer of Pakistan Auto Show [2023]. Meetings will be convened by the Chair and supported by the ME.



4.2.    Financial Matters 

  • Outsourcing or subletting of any of EMC functions will be subject to prior written approval from PASOC. EMC’s such request must be accompanied by a profile of the proposed sub-contractor for pre-qualification and approval from PASOC. 
  • The organizers may add / omit any item from the subject proposal.
  • All issues related to costs / payments shall be formally agreed upon with PASOC, prior to undertaking of any activity.
  • In case of any dispute the decision of PASOC shall be considered final.

4.3.    Qualification of Resources

  • The resources deputed by the EMC for organizing of the Event shall have the following basic qualifications:

o   Must have strong administration & marketing background

o   Should be computer literate i.e., good understanding of MS Office, Emails, Website.

o   Must be equipped with mobile and laptops with internet on the go, provided by the EMC.

o   The designer should also be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3D Max & other designing software.

o   Should have genuine interest in the initiatives and the outcomes being pursued in the Event.

o   Should be an advocate for the Event’s outcomes.

o   Should be committed to, and actively involved in, pursuing the Event’s outcomes.

  • All staff deputed by the EMC for the Event shall be dedicated with PAAPAM, however their salaries and allowances will be paid by the EMC.

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