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1st July 2019 (Monday)

Election Schedule displayed at PAAPAM Lahore, Karachi Office, Website & dispatched to Regulator (TO).


4th July 2019 (Thursday)

The member companies desiring to change their representative to intimate changes regarding name of representative to the Secretary General along with necessary proof. PAAPAM Head Office and Zonal office will remain open despite holiday.


8th July 2019  (Monday)

The Secretary General to display the provisional list of all members eligible to vote along with their National Tax Registration Number, Sales Tax Registration if applicable, the name and national identity card number of their representative at Notice Board and website.


15th July 2019 (Monday)

The members who have any objection to the entries/changes in the list of voters to send their objections in writing to the Secretary General.


20th July 2019 (Saturday)

The Secretary General to intimate action on the objection or changes sent by members.


23rd July  2019 (Tuesday)

Any member aggrieved by the decision of the Secretary General may make a representation to the Election Commission.


26th July 2019 (Friday)

The Commission to decide the representation.


29th July 2019 (Monday)

Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Commission may appeal to the Regulator.  The decision of the Regulator in this regard shall be final.


8th Aug 2019 (Thursday)

The Regulator to decide the appeal.


10th Aug 2019 (Saturday)

The final list of voters to be displayed at notice board, at website and 31st Aug 2013 Submitted to the Regulator.


16th Aug 2019 (Friday)

Any person eligible to contest the Election for the vacant post of the Member Executive Committee to send his nomination papers duly proposed, seconded by a duly registered voter and signed by the candidate, to the Secretary General on the prescribed form in accordance with the Articles of Association or Rules of the PAAPAM.


17th Aug 2019 (Saturday)

a) The secretary General shall provide a copy of final list of voters to each contesting candidate. 
b) Scrutiny of the nomination papers and letter of authority by the commission.
c)  Circulation by the Secretary General of the list of nominees whose papers have been declared valid and the forms of withdrawal.


19th Aug 2019 (Monday)

The objection if any, to the nomination of candidates to be filed with Election Commission.


21st Aug 2019 (Wednesday)

The Election Commission to decide the objections.


24th Aug 2019 (Saturday)

Any candidate, aggrieved by the decision of the Election Commission may file an appeal with the Regulator.


31st Aug 2019 (Saturday)

The Regulator to decide the appeal. His decision in this regards shall be final.


2nd Sep 2019 (Monday)

The Commission to issue final list of candidates.


7th Sep 2019 (Saturday)

Polling    at   Head Office Lahore & Zonal Office Karachi (Time 5.00 .p.m.). Counting of votes to take place immediately after the polling hours under the supervision of polling officer  in  the  presence  of  polling  agents  of  the  candidates,  if  any,  at  aforesaid sites.
The Election Commission to declare provisional results.


12th Sep 2019 (Thursday)

Any person elected, as member of E.C to send his nomination for election as an office bearer duly proposed and seconded by an elected E.C. member and signed by the candidate to the Election Commission.


14th Sep 2019 (Saturday)

The Election Commission shall scrutinize nomination papers and display list of candidates.


16th Sep 2019 (Monday)

Polling for the election of office bearers (Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman & Vice Chairman).


30th Sep 2019 (Monday)          

The announcement of final election results to be made in Annual General Meeting called for this purpose.